Paint Kits

Ceramic figurines and more

A Guide to Painting Your Pottery

Painting your piece is easy!

- Using the provided under glaze paints decorate your piece.

- The under glazes are opaque and can be applied in layers, they can also be thinned with water to create water color effects. The colors can also be mixed to customize your paint job! 

-Fun things to try, graphite will burn out in the firing process so you can draw out your design with a pencil and apply the underglaze right over It.  stickers and tape make excellent masking. Underglaze is water soluble and cleans easily so go to town with splatter and drips! the possibilities are endless!!!

- Let each layer dry before applying another.

Be sure to SIGN YOUR PIECE!!!!!!
- Sign or initial your piece with underglaze so it’s sure to get back to the right human.

Returning your piece:

- Return to Elk & Vine 

3411 California ave. St. Louis Mo. 63118 

Shop Hours: Thurs - Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 11am - 5pm


Getting your piece back:

- You will be contacted when your piece is out of the kiln and ready 
(Please allow 2-3 weeks, possibly more depending on volume) and return arrangements will be made. You can pick up at the shop or have them shipped!


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